Mongla bounces back Mongla bounces back Travelers from Thailand who recently returned from Mongla, opposite China’s Daluo, say the town is teeming with tourists from China again following a month of stagnation resulting fro 保濕面膜m Chinese closure. By SHAN2 March 2009 “It was almost completely different from what you have written (on 19 February),” said one source who visits Mongla and Ken 租屋gtung once a year. “There were lots of people and cars, many with blue number plates showing they were from China. Many of them were seen coming to and going from Wan Hsio (the v 酒店打工illage of casinos south of Mongla). Hotels were also full. It was lucky of us to get rooms at all.” His account of his 24 February visit was in sharp contrast to those of other travelers who 室內裝潢were there between 13-15 February, when the border town under the control of Sai Leun, leader of the ceasefire group National Democratic Alliance Army-Eastern Shan State (NDAA-ESS), was said to be undergoing a period 九份民宿of desolation because of closure imposed by China. On inquiry, a business source in Mongla said town leaders had dispatched a delegation for talks with Chinese authorities across the border on 21-22 February. “I’ve no idea 房地產what terms of agreement were reached,” he said. “But things returned to normal on the next day.” The obvious reason, he said, was that not only Mongla suffered through the sealing of the border, but also Chinese business too. Mongla howev 房屋買賣er is still far from returning to its former boom between 1989-2000, according to a NDAA officer. “We tax each incoming/outgoing visitor Y 2,” he explained. “Our daily revenue was then as high as Y 140,000-150,000 ($20,000-21,428). Now it’s only about Y 10, 結婚000 ($1,428).” Local people, full of superstitions, believe it was because of the Dwi Nagara (Two Cities) pagoda constructed by Burma’s ruling military junta. “The generals must have put a lot of curses in it,” said the businessman. Mongla, formerly part of Kengtun 酒肉朋友g township, has been designated as a separate township by the ruling military government. The group is allied to the Wa and together have been resisting Naypyitaw’s attempt to have them disarmed before the upcoming 2010 elections. 婚禮顧問ces-back  .
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